More Than 5 Decades
Of Superior Quality,
Outstanding Value
And Impeccable Service.

With experience and values passed on from father to son, MASON HOMES was founded in 1961 by Gord MASON. Today, more than 55 years later, he continues to operate under the same strong commitment to design and construction excellence that were the cornerstones of his father’s home construction business in 1920’s.

As a teenager, Gord spent his summers working on his father’s building sites and his many years of practical hands-on construction experience became the foundation for his vast knowledge of the home design and building process.

An Architectural graduate of Ryerson University, Gord designed and built his first home in Scarborough Ontario in 1961. In the 1970’s, as his company began to flourish, he began purchasing multiple lots from developers, which quickly evolved to purchasing land to both develop and build on.

Now in his 70’s, Gord has built many long term relationships, with generations of trades, suppliers and homebuyers alike, as he continues to share his passion for building quality homes in first class locations across the province. Currently with over 6,000 new homes across the Greater Toronto Area, MASON HOMES has become one of Ontario’s most reputable award-winning, builders with a dedicated commitment to building Green for Life homes and communities.

Energy Star® Qualified Homes

Saving The Planet While You

Save Some Money.

An ENERGY STAR® qualified home gives you the peace of mind that your family is living in a home that provides a healthier indoor environment, the pride in helping protect the outdoor environment for future generations and the satisfaction of saving up to 30% on your utility costs thanks to lower energy and water consumption.
Built to be warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and more comfortable all year round, you’ll feel the difference of an ENERGY STAR® qualified home and see the savings on your monthly bills!
MASON HOMES has built ENERGY STAR® Approved & Qualified Homes in every MASON Community since 2005. Independently tested and certified, every MASON Home reaches EnerGuide levels 80-84, beyond the 2012 and Next Generation building code. Many of our houses test under R2000, progressively showing our houses are significantly more airtight.
MASON HOMES believes that a healthier home should be affordable to all. MASON HOMES builds ENERGY STAR® Qualified Homes from 1080 sq. ft. to 2650 sq. ft. Only 20% of all builders in Canada are able to build an ENERGY STAR® Qualified Home. MASON HOMES was the first builder to make EnerGuide for New Houses Program as standard (2004) when MASON Home’s built the first ENERGY STAR® occupied home in 2005.
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The Mason Green Promise

Going Above And Beyond

To Make A Difference.

Mason Homes believes in building quality homes that provide healthier indoor environments, reduce their carbon footprint, and help save you money on your monthly heating and cooling costs. We don’t simply build homes. We build homes that are Green For Life.
Mason Homes believes that an environmentally sustainable house shouldn’t be considered a luxury, it should be the standard all homes aspire to.