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Testimonials & Review

Jennifer and I would highly recommend purchasing a Quality Built Home and enjoying the process and positive experience with the professionals at Mason Homes!

We have enjoyed our experience with Mason Homes from the selection of our Model – Victorian Cambray with Loft. The options selection was expedited through knowledgeable staff at their decor centre, with good choice of options and extras to personalize our home. Sales staff was friendly, knowledgeable, personable and professional.

Our Site Superintendent was exceptional in his staff allocation, allocation of trades and resources, and his commitment to schedule, execute and complete our home on time for move-in. It was very reassuring that Mike Holmes’ group supported the inspection process at every stage of construction through to completion.

Thank you to the Site Superintendent, his trades and support staff for exhibiting a high level of professionalism, their skills and support to building our new home and their personable skills to create a great quality built home and great experience. Their objective was and is to make their clients happy and satisfied with one of their largest purchases. Thank you to all that allowed us to enjoy the process and create and enjoy our New Beautiful Home for many years to come!

James and Jennifer, Cloverlea

When we made the decision that we wanted to move closer to Peterborough and its amenities, we were clear that we wanted to purchase a new build – build our dream home.

So the search for community and builder began. We took our time and did considerable research – checking out private and subdivision builders. We kept coming back to the Parklands and Mason Homes. The “Why”…

Mason Homes & the Subdivision

  • The Parklands itself is well situated on the outskirts of Peterborough, near key amenities, the hospital and is easy to access from various directions.
  • One builder, a planned community and common look and feel – this is important – many of Peterborough’s subdivisions are multiple builders and there is a mish-mosh of styles, there is not that feel of community. The Parklands is different.
  • Love that our home overlooks home plate at Milroy Park and every morning we can watch the beautiful sunrises from our bedroom window. Where our home is situated we really do not see the rooftops of other homes – rather it is the hills surrounding Peterborough. Stunning views.
  • Mike Holmes approved – was another great feature that no other builder was offering. Other features like the sump pump, copper heating coil, quality insulation, HVAC system, etc, were a plus too.
  • When we signed on the dotted line – we were putting our trust in the builder. With any build there are issues – what we appreciate about Mason Homes is they do try and make it right. I believe they are open to hearing customer feedback and looking for ways to improve the customer experience, processes and the quality builds of their homes.

Sales Staff

  • Robin & Megan are always welcoming and have gone out of their way to answer our questions and ensure our customer experience was a great one.

Design Centre Staff

The Design Centre Staff were very knowledgeable. The 1:1 design support made the designing of our home easier and there was a great selection of finishes to choose from.

General Comments

  • Overall we are very happy with our home – we love our neighbors and the community.
  • The home is bright – love the large windows and open concept of the Cambray.
  • As mentioned the home is extremely well insulated – so it has been real toasty during these very cold winter days.

Best Regards,
Kim and Frank

We have been very pleased with buying our first new home with Mason Homes in the Parklands, Peterborough area.

We had done extensive research on Mason Homes including several visits to Mason Homes in Port Hope over the last 3-4 years.

The staff at the sales and décor centre was very knowledgeable and responsive. Robin and her team were very friendly and made us feel that we were a priority. Onsite construction team led by Brian were also accessible, knowledgeable and responsive.

We have been very pleased with the support team at both the Sales Centre and construction site. Matt has been very responsive as our site team support in follow-up.

Robin and her team still make us feel like we are special customers.

Les and Karen, Parklands, Peterborough

When my husband and I talked about moving to Peterborough we both agreed that this is the place to be. We looked at some existing homes and another subdivision which we were not crazy about. Then we came to look at Parklands Mason Homes. From the moment we stepped foot into the sales office we were welcomed by their friendly and knowledgeable staff. Right away we both knew that this was the place for us. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be part of this wonderful neighbourhood. The location could not have been any better with all the fantastic shopping and restaurants all around us and just minutes away.

The house has been designed in such a way that it makes it easier getting around within the house itself. I believe that they were specially designed for retirees in mind as well as family homes.

All of the neighbours are wonderful respectful people. The house itself is so well designed that they seem to have a really good handle of how to make your home comfortable as well as attractive.

The building manager will give you the time of day to talk to you and ensure that your needs are attended to. He is very visible within the subdivision and not just hiding in his office.

The home is energy efficient and the windows and doors are fantastic. My husband and I feel blessed that we have made this move as we are thrilled with the house and look forward to meeting more lovely neighbours.

To say in a nutshell…we feel that we have enhanced our lives by 100% it was a win, win situation!!!!

Oh yes and we finally have a warm bedroom. Thanks Mason Homes!

Pauline and Larry White, Parklands, Peterborough

We have lived in the Mason Homes Lakeside Village Community in Port Hope for 1 1/2 years now. When we were planning our retirement, the possibilities were endless and exiting, as well as a little daunting. The only thing we were sure of was that we wanted to live in a Mason Home and that it had to be a “Robin” model. When we saw that Mason Homes was planning a new community in Port Hope, we were first in line at the Grand Opening and we actually bought the first home!

Our home choice was perfect. Our laneway home bungaloft with rear courtyard has just the right amount of indoor and outdoor space. We wanted a home with very little outside maintenance, but didn’t want the restrictions or fees of a condominium. We couldn’t have made a better decision if we tried.

From start to finish, the staff at Mason Homes have been very helpful and accommodating. In particular, in our experience, the onsite supervisors have gone above and beyond when when it comes to Customer Service.

Retirement is wonderful here in Port Hope. We feel like we are on vacation all year round!

Ron and Colleen Martin
Lakeside Village, Port Hope, Ontario


Thank you so much for everything! Thanks for making my first time buying a house so wonderful!

Sarah and Chris, Port Hope

Dear Mr. Mason,

I’m writing again, not just to give you another update regarding our experience with our Mason Home build, but because today is a special day.
July 10th was the original closing date for us. It seemed appropriate to express gratitude again, on this date. We were or course, disappointed to have the delay, but in hindsight, we have nothing but gladness.

We have felt like the luckiest people in the world to have had the day to day experiences we’ve had, as our house has “grown before our eyes”. If everything had worked out as originally planned, who knows, we may not have had the opportunity to have the same specific combination of wonderful tradesmen.

Our home is being put together so caringly, and we can certainly see the quality at each step. Because we live close, and can visit the site all the time, we’ve had the pleasure and benefit of being able to meet the men of all the various trades. As I mentioned in my last note, the framers, Mike, Mike and Matt, were just amazing. Since then, we have been delighted to see others, applying their individual skills with a similar kind of pride of workmanship. People like Troy, the plumber; Tom, the heating guy; Mitch, the electrician; Josh and Luke the siding guys; and many, many others, have each given us such confidence in the overall end result, because of their attention to detail. Willie, after the forms were taken off our front porch, proudly exclaimed that we wouldn’t find a finer cement job, and we don’t doubt that at all. What a true pleasure this has been.

I can not speak to you, in a letter, or in person (so prepare, for when we meet again), and not add a tribute to Leon. He’s such a wonderful representation of what I think is the philosophy behind Mason Homes – to make a terrific product, to do it efficiently, to make the customer feel valued and listened to, and overall, make the experience, for everybody, the least stressful as possible. That stress – the majority of the burden of the inevitable issues that will come up with house building, seems to fall directly on Leon’s shoulders. Doug and he work together, to make the homeowners feel taken care of, but it’s Leon, who we seem to bother the most with every little detail. We watch all the time, as people literally besiege upon him, expecting immediate solutions and that he give them, his first priority. He takes it all, not only with grace and professionalism, but with a genuine smile and warm manner. He not only gives the impression that he’ll do all that he can, he actually does.

A while ago, we discovered a little problem with a detail in the original plan for our kitchen. As soon as we brought it up, Leon made sure that it was addressed. Unfortunately, there was still one added issue to resolve regarding the matter. Thankfully, Leon understood completely our take on the situation. We are able to work through it, because of him, in a way that is fair to us, as well as responsible to Mason Homes. Of course, we will pay for the adjustment and added cost of product, and all will be fine. You are so lucky to have a representative like Leon on your team.

One final thing… we have included a picture taken on July 1st. Dave attached the flag to our front door, and I thought you might like to see, the first, in what will be a special annual tradition in our new neighbourhood. Even sitting in the middle of construction, it was still a pretty spectacular sight!

Warmly, Kath and Dave

“Dear Mr. Gord Mason, I have been living in my new Mason Home for a little over two months now and have enjoyed every moment of it. I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for making my life a little less stressed during a very difficult time in my life. Everyone that I’ve come across has treated me like family and I hold them all dear to my heart.

I wasn’t looking to buy when I came to view Chicory Walk, I was just simply viewing. Sue Hamilton introduced herself, asked me a few questions and she immediately knew exactly what I was looking for. Her approachability, knowledge, and attitude were absolutely amazing. I think you are very lucky to have her on your sales team. Even though she is no longer at this location she still keeps in touch to see how I am doing in my new home. To me, this shows that she goes above and beyond her duties of a Sales person.

As for picking out the décor for my new home, Alyson was fantastic! She worked around my schedule and was so pleasant to talk to. She assured me that my house would look great even though I couldn’t afford more in higher upgrades. With her expertise, we managed to pick out everything to my liking. I couldn’t be any happier with the result.

The day I moved in, I was very pleased with my new home; Darrell did a great job. He was so helpful and still is. Everything that was missing or needed fixing, he’s done. I’m also certain that he will continue to lend a helping hand in the future, should I need it. He’s very professional and very easy to deal with.

Your entire team has been very supportive of me throughout this life-changing process and they have made it possible for me to take the positive steps towards moving on with my life.

Thanks again!”

Molly Horton, Chicory Walk, St. Catharines

“Mason Homes offered a variety of models and after visiting their sites in Barrie and Lindsay, we were kindly invited into the homes of existing owners who were enthusiastic in their praise of the quality of the workmanship and expertise exhibited. We decided to buy at Maple Bridge and what we have seen so far in the construction has impressed us.”

Mary and George Hinchliff, Maple Bridge, Uxbridge

“We’re very excited to move in later this week. We’re delighted with the thoughtful job that Doug and his team have done with the home. We expect to enjoy it for years to come and also appreciate all of your help in making sure that our vision was achieved. We hope that you will be able to stop by with your family for a visit the next time you’re out this way.”

Paris and Erin, Port Hope Golf & Country Club, Port Hope

“We have just recently purchased our beautiful Mason built home, “The Snowdon” in Chicory Walk, St. Catharines. We love how the entire area of homes has been planned with such an interesting variety of styles, exteriors, floorplans with beautiful coordinating colours both inside and out.

What a treat to see such a variety of roof styles and heights, along with beautifully different windows, details and designs. Thank you for building green too. Wonderful!”

Barbara and John Butler, Chicory Walk, St. Catharines


I want to commend you and your staff for the excellent service since signing on with MASON HOMES – Peterborough this past March. We are building the Victorian Elm on lot 18.

This weekend we visited the design studio and were thoroughly satisfied with the service and attention. The layout of the design studio is exceptionally well-planned and exciting. Here, it is evident that the Décor Consultant has worked her magic in the planning of the design and decor of the studio setting. Similar to the inviting sales office in Peterborough, we felt at ease and unpressured.

Additionally, the staff at the Peterborough site continue to provide us with exceptional service within a friendly setting. Our daughters, aged 9 and 11, think that MASON HOMES staff are “awesome”. I must agree.

We look forward to moving into our new home in the new year.”

Sharon and Stephen Duffey, Avonlea, Peterborough

“Meeting with Sue at Chicory Walk was the best experience that I have had while shopping for a new home. Although it was Super Bowl Sunday and 1 of the other sites that I had decided to return to had “Gone home early” according to the sign on the door of the sales office, here was Sue still willing to spend an incredible amount of time with me. Her assistance helped to make my decision on purchasing a new home much easier and I am putting an offer on one of the town home units that are available at Chicory Walk. Hopefully I will be the proud owner of a Mason home in the very near future.”

Luanne, Chicory Walk, St. Catharines

“WOW! That about sums up, and leaves me speechless, about the neighbourhood I have just moved into. I am amazed at this beautiful subdivision and the care and detail that you have put into it. The finishing touches that Mason puts into your homes are amazing.

Brian goes way above and beyond to make even a second-buyer more than happy with their Mason home. He always waves and even if he is busy he makes time for you and takes the time to talk to you. (I have never owned an air exchanger – he took the time to educate me and showed me how to “work” my windows!)

The “extras”, for example, the gift certificate for each home-owner to landscape their yard, the trees and rail fences on each corner lot and park are beautiful and totally unexpected. The pond and the walking trails… Do you even pay the geese to fly over every night – they’re beautiful because you have built a beautiful neighbourhood.

I just have to tell you that I LOVE my new-to-me Mason home and everything about it. Even the fellows who work here, planting the trees, building the rail fences and even removing those awful rocks from my front lawn and replacing the sod and raking off the stones, like it was their own yard, are always friendly and speak to me. Where did you find such wonderful employees?

Thank you for not just building quality homes but a beautiful neighbourhood to live in as well.”

Kathleen A. Christie, Avonlea, Peterborough

“Subdivision appearance has a lot of variety in models, location in town and approved by Mike Holmes. Would highly recommend Mason Homes. Have had another builder build a home for us in the past – Superior quality and much better experience with Mason Homes. “

Steve and Carol, Peterborough

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